Checking Out That Old Cottage For Sale

There is a nice little cottage near me that has suddenly come on the market.  I was really surprised because the neighbouring one has had a lot of work done and we all assumed that it would be the next on the list to be brought into this century.  I wanted to book an appointment to look round – just for being nosy and interested.  It’s not every day that you get a chance to look around an ordinary cottage that’s not open for public viewing as part of its earning stream.  I haven’t plucked up courage to contact the agent – I’m sure they’re inundated with other folk doing exactly that.  It is disappointing to hae a stream of day trippers round when you’re marketing your house and need to sell quickly!  I must say though that just having a slightly more than cursory inspection of the outside, front and left side elevations, it’s obvious that some major maintenance is going to be needed by the next buyer.  There are holes in the top of the side wall up near a window and being a part thatch, there is a lot of patching to see to up there also.  Hmm.  The reality of cottage living might not be so romantic!