Don’t Let Winter Dampen Plans To Upgrade

There is something rather grim about dealing with winter weather.  Take this week for example, it started off with almost balmy sunshine and rediculously mild temperatures but the weather forecasters were urging us to take great care by the end of the week as winter storms and floods were expected in some areas and snow drifts in others.  This all reminded me of my younger days when we really knew when winter had arrived.  Because we did not have fitted carpets throughout and the windows were metal clad, single glazed, it was much much colder indoors.  The ony warm rooms were the lounge and the kitchen – both because an element of fire or cooking was involved!

These days we can eleminate draughts easily, replace windows and doors with modern triple glazed energy efficient windows ones.  In the home itself we can design ergonomically improved kitchens and utility areas and be gloriously warm, dry and frost free all the time!