Getting to Grips with Choosing a Property Planner

One of the most important things to  decide when choosing a planner for your property is whether they fully understand your requirements. It is so easy to choose a designer based on price alone, and this can often be a mistake.  It is vital that you consult your designer(s) fully before settling on one, making sure that you have communicated your intentions and ideas with them.

Often, designers will like to take your initial ideas and expand on them, adding details and sometimes offering additional ideas which you perhaps had not thought of.  It’s easy for designers to end up taking on a little bit too much creative control, in which case you need to reign them in (if you wish to have more control, otherwise, let them be!).  Be careful to keep an eye on what the designer is coming up with, and definitely be firm about your budget!  When designers get going, the costs can quickly mount up, especially if their creative juices flow a little too freely…

Talking of budgets, this is most definitely a topic you’ll need to be up front and honest about from the word go.  If your budget is fairly tight, with little room for freedom and flexibility, it is important to let your designer know this, so they are aware that they cannot go too overboard with their ideas!  If however, you have a little room to be more forgiving in your budget, again, let them know so they can perhaps come up with some different ideas for you!