Greek Village Houses Still Have Raw Authenticity

Most days we probably don’t think a great deal about how our houses are constructed.  As far as most of us are concerned, we just get up, shower in the nice comfortable bathroom or ensuite and get on with our day.  The sheer safety, warmth and comfort of a British home only ever comes to mind when something goes wrong and we suddenly have to vacate it, or we’re abroad and having to put up with slightly less comfort.   This was the case for my family whilst travelling around the Greek isles, we were staying in small villages houses.   The welcome was always fantastic, the main room always had a smokey fire set into one corner – racks and hooks held the cooking pots and water vessels.  Even until ten years ago, older families still used only their fire for hot water and basic meals.  Now though, they’ve discovered the joys of fitted kitchens, dishwashers, and hot water is provided by solar panels on their roof with the water stored in huge tanks.  The homes have been extended out and up to a certain degree to accommodate fitted shower rooms.  Life is gradually modernising!