Height Of Summer Calls For Rain Preparations

It always amuses me that when we have the very warmest of weather, we rarely remember to look around our homes and properties to see if any thing needs repairing or replacing.  It’s only when the harsh winter arrives that we suddenly find the guttering has sprung that leak again – the one that annoyed us and our neighbours so much last winter and we vowed to have fixed.  I was walking down the road recently and noticed a tradesman working on a nearby house – it was a guttering specialist.  I was looking around to see if the operative was anywhere around, to ask him what’s involved in having gutter inspections to see what damage needs seeing to.  I have had mine cleaned out by high pressure hosing, but my window cleaner, but you never know if this is sufficient.  The old birds nests come down for sure, but do the cracks and illfitting joins stand up to it all?