Heritage Property Refurb Project Appeals

I have a real love of older properties, not old victorian terraces and the like, but heritage properties with real history built up over centuries, I particularly like the ones which have survived various generations of a long seated family.  The walls sometimes look a bit patchy, the roof has usually been problematic, but these amazing buildings do still stand splendidly ornate and without much maintenance being carried out. These days the heritage charities are very big business – thank heavens.  Being able to beg for funds, we steadfast members always reach into our pockets for the next big appeal when they decide one particular house is worthy of their skills and funding.   I always support them, even if the property is so far away, I will probably never visit in person.  To be able to say I helped with the cost to get the best crafstmen & women and the best materials available is so worthwhile.