How To Design An Effective Office Layout

So you want to upgrade your office.  There a multitude of options to consider when planning the layout of your office, for both productivity and employee happiness!  Here are our top tips for making sure your office is the best it can be.

  1. Windows – if your office has lots of windows this is great for natural light, but think about where you put desks.  If you work with computers, having sunlight streaming in and over the screens can make working more difficult, so look at the path the sun takes as the day goes by.  Try to position your desks so they can enjoy the natural light, but without glaring on the screens!
  2. Filing – you want any filing cabinets or drawers to be within easy reach and not too far away from say, printers or fax machines.  If you place the filing system further away, employees will have to walk further in order to file their papers.  Great for their fitness levels, but not always good for work rate!
  3.  Water access – it is vital in busy offices to have a ready supply of drinking water for your employees.  Hydration is key when working, as dehydration can make people really unwell.  By installing a water cooler or fountain, you can make sure your staff are in their healthiest condition and able to work more effectively!
  4. Servers and electronics – this area is important to make sure your office stays working and online.  However, this area can get very hot with all the cables and electronic equipment producing a lot of heat.  Try to make sure your staff are sitting further away from this area to avoid getting too warm