Keeping Tabs On The Fence Condition

This has been an odd year for weather related matters.  The very cold spurts we’ve had lasted a longer than anticipated but strangely we’ve not seen the forecast snow and ice as much, so that is a bonus.  Snow itself causes destruction when it melts – it seems to just wreck anything in its path.  Wooden fences and sheds tend to rot off quickly – of course, we have a tendency to toss gritty salt around to stem the slippery nature.  A broken fence is less painful than broken limbs.  However, it doesn’t really matter so much about constant bad weather if we keep our property and land well maintained.   The fences in particular are a hefty item to have to replace if they are not kept painted over with wood preservative or other sealant paint.  For the sake of a few hours of hard graft, the fence gains at least another 5 or 7 years of working life once those two or three coats of wood paint have dried.