Knowing What Planning Applications Are For

There have been some changes to the building regulations and planning laws in the last couple of years.  The government of the day wanted to free up many folk in the pipeline and remove much of the delay and red tape involved.   Whether you’re starting from scratch or just adding a large extension, applying for and securing the requisite planning permission from the local authority is the first step.   Even some smaller improvements may need permission if the building is listed or situated in a particularly desigated area.   In short planning permission is the consent given by that local authority for specific designs and plans put before it.  This is to deter inappropriate developments and often covers agricultural land to stop all the farmers from cropping houses in the wrong place.  There are substantial fees involved so getting your plans drawn up ad submitted for you by a professionally trained builder or archiect is the best route to quicker success.    It may still take two or three applications before an ideal scheme is accepted, so allowing a sufficiet figure in your project fund is essential, this should be sufficiet for the architect and specialist reports.