Local Heritage Properties Reflect Strong Family Loyalties

I volunteer regularly at a local country house – it has been opened to the public for many years but only on group guided tours basis.  This has meant it remained a rather hidden gem amid many other louder, more confident heritage houses open in the same very small area.  It is remarkable that one tiny corner of middle England should blessed with six or seven fantastic historic places all literally within 5 miles of each other.   Many of the places were handed out when the spoils of war were being redistributed after the English civil war.  Some of the families regained their own places and more with them.  Others, who had chosen the wrong side, or just were not savvy enough to work the system, lost everything.  All have been lovingly restored and maintained with decor and furnishings reflecting  their most successful periods or reflecting the eclectic style of particularly well known tenants and house guests.