Looking At Your Rooms In A Different Light

When we can’t afford to have our own houses extended upwards or outwards – or don’t even need to have this extra room, but do need more space . . . .  there is one surefire way to get this without a great deal of expenditure.  Taking one room at a time, standing in the open doorway, surveying the room from far left corner and following the room round to the far right.  It is amazing how much more you see about what’s wrong with the say it’s furnished or decorated – or both.  You will see instantly, if your eyes go up and down as well from left to right, if there are signs of damage anywhere or where a piece of furniture sticks out too much.  You can also see how the decor is holding up.  Doing this exercise a couple of times in one day will help to show how it looks in different lights.   I was planning to have my house completely redecorated the other year.  I went out and bought various tester pots of various shades I fancied.   When the contractor arrived, he said he’d only have time to paint one shade througout the entire house.  He said it would be a good shade and would flatter the room at any time of day and in any light.  He was absolutely right and I’m pleased now.