Maintenance Ensures Homes Carry On Standing

Ah that was a grim winter we have just endured.  Admittedly there wan none of the really long snow ssettlements that were a feature of the bad winters of 1947, 1953, 1963 etc.  Those will only fall from our memories when the last person standing from those times have passed on!  With the general global warming though, we probably will not see long terms snows like that in our country again.  But having cheerfully said that, there is something noteable for the older person around – the seasons do no seem to be as reliably different as they used to be.  The spring used to arrive before Easter, it would be warm but with lots of April showers;  summer was always hot and dry, of course, and winter was always jolly cold and snowy.

Whatever the weather, we still need to maintain our houses really well to keep them warm, dry and worth what we took that mortgage out for!