Modern speedy Construction v Reliable Old School

There are so many different means of property construction these days.  Unlike when man first started coming out of his cave.  To ensure that modern homes are built speedily and with a nod to energy and cost effectiveness, many new homes are constructed with modern methods that include the following possible advantages.  Reducing the effect weather has on production times.  Reduced impact for residents.  Fewer material deliveries with result in less disruption and fuel consumption of all vehicles involved.  The inspeciton and quality control of modern construction methods, whereby much of the product is brought to site in prefabricated form means less defects and much speedier finishing.  Of course, this satisfied a need for mass housing, but for the majority of the population, we live in properties that were built with different critieria.  The bricks and mortar method has stood us in good stead and made us the envy of others world wide.  If we keep them maintained properly, they will stand us in the same good stead for more centuries.