One Home Improvement Project Raises Neighbour Ideals

There’s a house up the way from me that is constantly being worked on.  I don’t know if the family own a building contractor company or what, but the house is already large.  It started off life as a five bed detatched with one bathrooms and two ensuites.  After the first owner decided to built out over the original family room, they then had six beds and 3 ensuites.  Next came transformation of the double garage.  It’s now been a beauty therapy studio, then changed into a mini gym and personal training suite.  It’s currently an office.  The grounds haven’t escaped either – the smart brick front drive has now been re-landcaped to allow for better drainage and for soft planting – that is one great improvement.   The design of the outside, with a new big wall sweeping around and smart metal gates to enclose them does rather smack of a celebrity abode, but it is certainly much posher than the original family house and it has brought up the value of others around it.