Planning Is The Lynchpin Of Property Design

Organising a new build or extension of an existing one requires planning.  This doesn’t just mean a well organised and tidy working arangement.  Planning is the lynchpin of the operation in many ways.  The first thing that needs to happen, once of course the land has been sought and financial needs set in place, discussions on what sort of build can be accommodated on the land, or how big, and what sort of extension can be accommodated in the space envisaged.  These can only be answered by drawing up proper plans.  A building company either employs their own or the client engages an architect who then has to work with a building firm to do the work, but in compliance of the planning approval..   These plans have to include all kinds of other info beyond just the size and shape of the new buld or room etc.  There has to be consideration for utilities coming in to it and flowing out of it.  Road access for neighbours if it’s shared.  Nearness to any other properry and whether the finished product is within the local planned designs are also considered by the planning authorities.  Planning is critical!