Property & Building Contractors Offer Trusted Expertise

When you can’t decide whether to try and move to a larger house or just have y our current one expanded up or out, or both, there are so many questions to be given very careful thought to.  Financial matters are obviously very high on the list.  I know from a recent conveyancing experience, the legal fees and stamp duty etc. do add up alarmingly, every search and solicitor action incurs a fee even in a fixed price jobbie.  However, when you need to get quotations for an extension, the add ons make a big difference.  These would be planning applivations.  If the plans are rejected first time round – and so many are, there are extra fees for every further re application.  The builder will need to have sight of proper architectural schematics before offering an estimate and many other factors come in to play.  This is why professional property and building contractors are essential – they know all the ropes.