Reviving The Love Of Arts & Crafts Gardens

When you buy a property, unless it has quite a definite ddsign feature that you wanted when you looked around it, then most times it will be bulk standard everyday house or bungalow.  No one is ever going to rave on in decades to come about the fantastic design features of the average 1999 Wilson family executive detached, that’s for sure.   But from the early part of the 20th Century, there were some amazingly innovative designers who really thought long and hard about making their properties and gardens as beautiful as possible.  As a reaction to the excesses of the victorian period, over elabortion stemming from the industrial revolution.  Gardens were laid out in beautiful, functional ways – purposefully with beds organised in a certain fashion.   Some of the most famous gardens open to the public stem from this veyr period with each area representing a different design.  Gardens today can be remodelled on this theme – to bring some old fashioned beauty back into our lives!