Skips & PortaLoos A Plenty

It’s been a most interesting, if noisy, few months here.  My immediate neighbours have been having a house extension built.  It was described as a little extra to make the kitchen and utility bigger and extend out the dining room.  The project commenced just as the first lockdown came so it was a bit slow to take off but gradually the signs of progress came.  They’ve been carefully taking out the existing back wall and moving it further out.  It has lower sides so the roof can slope properly and it’s got three velux roof windows for additional light.   The kitchen is taking a long time because of the virus knocking the country off its feet.   Just as the shell of the new kitchen was finished and could be fitted out, the second lockdown came and caused delays in manufacture and supply of all the finishing components.  The builders necessarily had a skip & portaloo delivered taking up half of their drive and building supplies take up the other.  But one day it will be finished and the noise, dust, garbage and skips wil be gone.  Hurrah.