Stable Yard Refit Causing Neighbourly Fall Out

There is a small pub in a village near me – they had a yard which was used as a car park but still had the stables and a small barn.  These have been used for a all sorts of things – odd money making ventures by the various landlords over the years and looking at the sorry state of the place at times, none too successfully.  The latest owners have taken the bull by the horns and turned the ramshackle buildings into proper living quarters, the light and airy sitting area enjoying a full sized patio door.  There has been gossip abounding that they have not had planning permission for change of use and that they’ve gone ahead despite queries raised by neighbours.  Most folk were happy that a scruffy yard was going to be made good but didn’t realise the project would block some of their light and finish tight up against the ‘boundary’ wall.  Shame such high hopes can cause neighbourhood upsets – so much better if a professional team had been involved – they would have advised on the need to seek bulding regs and/or planning permission etc.