Tell Tale Signs Of Aging House Syndrome

You can tell when your house is beginning to wear out and need that hands on refurbishment if regular maintenance has not been carried out.  There are tell tale signs that start quietly but then tend to jump out at you very loudly.  The guttering will start to weigh heavy in its brackets and will detach itself from the top of the adjoining section – rain will gush through at a noisy rate of knots when the next storm comes.  The build up of leaves, moss, birds debris etc. will gradually collect up and weigh things down.  Quite often the down pipe gets blocked and has to be detached to power spray down it.  Window sills and frames show wear quickly – these have to be attended to promptly as the rubber seals between the panes of glass will rot very quickly and the inside of a triple glazed panel will become very misted and rotten.