The Cottage Needing Love & Full Refurbishment

There is a lovely little cottage down a lane near me.  I have coveted this property for years and years.  I often go past and just stand looking at the pretty windows, the beautifully proportioned gable roofed porch that surrounds the solid oak door.  It really is picture perfect and I have so wanted to look round – just to see if my imagined interior of chintzy floral curtains and furniture is correct.  I see in my minds eye an unfitted kitchen, free standing oak cupboards and a huge farmhouse style table – maybe an aga range cooker.  Of course, looking at the size of the place, these last few ideals are probably way off the mark – it can’t possibly be that big inside – it’s tiny from the outside.  It;s also old and in need of refurbishment, een through rosy tinted spectacles, I can see and recognise that. a property maintenance company would need to get to work on it.