The New Extension Like a Dream On The Horizon

I have just come back from a few days in the midlands withh family – three teenage grandchildren and a mad bad puppy.  The best description is “a week in the funny farm”.  I literally never know what’s going to be going on during a few days there.  It is always exciting through and they are so lovely to each other that I couldn’t wish for more.  Their house is a substantial edwardian double fronted family home with a huge lounge front to back on one side and the exact opposite space is a huge wrap round kitchen and childrens’ lounge.  There is room aplenty in each for the pooche’s various resting crates.   The upstairs of the house isn’t quite so well proportioned and spread out.  For a large family, they have survived with one family bathroom and a downstairs cloakroom and shower.  Fortunately a new extension is going to revolutionise their lives beyond imagination. Very soon!