Thinking Ahead Can Eliminate Winter Blues

Isn’t it always amazing how we look forward to the Christmas and new year festive period with such glee.  The joy of giving masses of presents to loved ones.  The sorting of the food requirements and everything to do with family coming to stay.  For many people, this is the reason they are on this earth.  The perils of the very same period, winter time, with torrential rain leading to unexpected floods, or snow and ice that chill  us to the bone, frosty mornings with that hint of fog.  All these come at the same time, or a little after Christmas, yet we don’t seem to to think about these when whistfully day dreaming about the winter holidays ahead.

Summer time is just when we should think ahead about the grim weather to come.  Nothing makes a house wear out quicker than jack frost making an unexpectedly early visit.  Making tme to ensure the house is in tip top condition is never time wasted.