Working To Keep Winter Woes Away

There can be nothing more soul destroying than to come home after a hard day’s work truding through town, onto a comuter train or driving in comuter traffic, and then discovering you have a problem with a leaking gutter or worse. Owning a property is such a responsibility.  It is something that really isn’t given enough attention when couples are doing the rounds of the estate agents in their exhaustive search fora new home’.  More emphasis should be put on how easy the maintenance is going to be.  Will the gutters need replacing soon, or are those window still sufficiently robust, will the brickwork need repointing.

Some of these will be answered when the mortgage surveyor looks round but that is only a cursory look to check the place hasn’t already collapsed.  The real problems have to be checked annually in the better weather to ensure winter woes are not an unwelcome Christmas present.