Working Within The Rigours Of Listed Building Status

There are a couple of property renovation programmes on tv that really do inspire the amateur ‘developer’ to start what they hope is going to bring them their millionnaaire lifestyle.  The chance to buy up an older unloved property, do internal refurbishment and tidy it up outside seems to be all that some of the novices think is necessary.    This may be the case in some run down areas, where perhaps just getting anyone to buy up the empty derelict places is a joy to the council.  However to make any money at all in property development, there needs to be plenty of planning up front.  There needs to be a lot of ready cash too.  Maybe finding part or all of the building is isted – this is definitely something the experienced developer is experienced with before purchasing anything.  The building and planning officers at the local council hold the key to progress with anything to do with listed building status.  It is a double edged sword as everyone wanting to see old and valuable places will prick their ears up at the words Grade and Listed!  Working within their very stringent parameters though is not for the faint hearted and to keep true to the inttegrity of the property, nothing can be added that is not specifically approved by the Listed buildings department.